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Melissa and Kai's intimate wedding at Tangled Garden

Melissa and Kai's wedding at Tangled Garden in Wolfville was not just a union of two individuals; it was a testament to the power of love and the beauty that unfolds when two hearts decide to journey through life together.

Tangled Garden, known for its lush gardens and captivating scenery, provided the perfect backdrop for Melissa and Kai's special day. Surrounded by close family and friends, Melissa and Kai exchanged vows in the beautiful labyrinth garden. Family and friend photos took place under the big, old oak tree. With its abundance of photo-worthy scenes, Tangled Garden offers an array of opportunities for capturing beautiful moments. It was a delight accompanying the bride and groom as we explored, selecting the most picturesque spots for their photos.

Melissa and Kai's day was a fairytale come true, leaving everyone in attendance with memories of a magical celebration in the heart of the Annapolis Valley.



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