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Business Branding

Business Branding Sessions are $450 plus tax per hour, included is one hour of time and unlimited edited images delivered via an online downloadable gallery. Sessions can take place inside your home or at a predetermined location.

Travel fees may apply to those outside of HRM.

Branding photography is more important than ever in helping brands tell their story, and connect with their customers. The purpose of brand photos is to showcase your personality and the behind the scenes of whatever it is that you do.  Business branding sessions are customized around your business, product or service to help engage the people around you. I create a series of portraits tailored to your brand that showcase your personality.

We live in a visually rich world, which is why it's so important that your brand stands out. Brand identity is one of your most valuable assets and is how consumers understand your business and identify your products and services.

Photography is a strategic marketing tool for brand building. Fresh, professional images for your website and social media that showcase you and your business can impress customers and build brand loyalty. No matter who your target clients are or what you are selling, professional photographs are an essential asset that help build a good brand name. Having consistently beautiful branding photos on your social media platforms creates brand trust and recognition to help your customers recognize you. A photo of you helps in catching the attention of the customer and goes a long way in enhancing your brand identity. People tend to remember pictures more vividly than words. It also allows your audience to get a peek into who you are, what you value, and how you work

​I suggest wearing something that compliments your brand/colours. Ensure that your outfits match your overall brand identity visually.  Have at least 2-3 outfits aside. I'm happy to help suggest clothing ideas, too! I highly suggest having your makeup done by a professional artist as they will ensure a perfect complexion and make you look radiant for your session. 

I suggest bringing props to your session. This can include but are not limited to: coffee mugs, laptop, iPad, cell phone, other tech things you use, books, headphones, fancy pen, products if applicable, notebooks, business cards, microphone, agenda, pets. Please feel free to include whatever fits with your overall brand and aesthetic, lets get creative!.​

Sessions can take place in your home, your office, a coffee shop, downtown location, a show home, book an Airbnb, outdoor location, etc. The more it fits your brand aesthetic, the better.


I would love to connect with you and capture your brand identity!


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