Congratulations on your Engagement! 


Before you pose for your special day, I highly recommend spending some time in front of the lens for another very important shoot, your engagement! Engagement photos allow you to figure out what you do and don't like, resulting in more photos that you love at your wedding. Your engagement is one of the most exciting times in your life, you want regret taking the opportunity to document it with a photo session. It also allows us to get acquainted before the wedding, so everyone is more relaxed. 


While it's entirely optional, there are so many reasons why you will be pleased you planned an Engagement shoot.

Often I hear "we don't know what to do in front of the camera, we're so awkward!" This is a really great way to get comfortable with non-iPhone selfies.  It allows you to get comfortable with your photographer as well, and learn how to pose for portraits so you are ready for your big day! Most people simply don’t have experience being in front of the camera and an engagement session can serve as a valuable practice session. Engagement photos can be be a wonderful way to preserve memories of this special time. They capture a special time in your life at the beginning of embarking on a life journey together. I will snap the candid, real moments that showcase your true emotions along with gently posed and directed images. 

I will discover how to best photograph you.  These photos are an ideal way to figure out how to photograph your angles, see if you need minimal or a lot of direction, and see what types of photos you liked most from the session. Learning these details at the engagement session is far better than discovering them post wedding. 


Once you have your engagement photos, you can use them on your save-the-date card, guest book, print photos for your showers or events, plus share wedding updates on your social media platforms.

I'd love to help you choose a pre-determined shoot location. I will gather details about your personalities and choose a location based on what I feel is a good fit. I'm very familiar with Nova Scotia and the lesser-known gems in HRM and Annapolis Valley. Golden hour (otherwise known as two hours prior to sunset) or sunrise are in my opinion the most optimal times to shoot. Whether you'd like to capture images in an outdoor location or on your sofa at home, you’ll have a collection of memories that are most meaningful to you.

Feel free to bring your four-legged friend, your children, any props (champagne and glasses, hats, blanket for seated poses), and a couple of outfits changes for you both as well.