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Studio Sessions

In-home studio sessions offer a cozy and comfortable environment, for a variety of photography

needs. Whether you're looking for professional headshots, business branding imagery, capturing the beauty of maternity, celebrating your engagement, or creating memories with your small family, this studio is the perfect space.

Designed for simplicity and elegance, studio sessions cater to those who appreciate a minimalist style. My goal is to utilize neutral backdrops and minimal props, ensuring that you become the central focus of attention. Embracing simplicity is essential, enabling your distinct personality and connections to shine without being overshadowed by unnecessary props.

These sessions are suitable for groups of up to four people, making them ideal for small families. The duration of each session is approximately 30 minutes, allowing us to capture a short session of beautiful moments.

Sessions are $240 plus tax and you will receive 20+ edited images.

To get a glimpse of what to expect from Studio Sessions, take a stroll through the photo gallery. You'll find samples showcasing the quality and style of what you will receive in your final edited gallery.


 Whether you're a professional seeking polished headshots or a family wanting to freeze moments in time, these sessions are tailored to meet your needs in a welcoming and intimate setting.


Click the link below to complete the form with your details to book.

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