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Olivia and Nevin's Intimate Celebration at Tangled Garden, Wolfville

Tangled Garden, nestled in the heart of the Annapolis Valley, provided the perfect backdrop for Olivia and Nevin's special day. The lush gardens, fragrant flowers, and rustic charm created an atmosphere of intimacy and romance that perfectly suited the couple's vision for their wedding.

Tangled Garden's charm lies in its ability to transport guests to a fairytale setting. Olivia, a radiant bride, embodied the essence of a princess. The garden's enchanting backdrop only served to enhance the magic of the moment, creating a visual spectacle that felt like a scene plucked from the most romantic of fairytales. The garden paths, charming structures and walls of flowers provided endless photo opportunities.

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests gathered for an intimate tent reception. Tables were adorned with delicate flowers, while heartfelt toasts and speeches filled the air with joy and laughter.



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